Monday, September 18, 2006


Here's a picture of what Ginger really looks like. We've had her 2 weeks now and she is such a great puppy. She's about 4 1/2 months now. For never having seen her in person when we adopted her, we couldn't have gotten a better dog. She loves her crate and will go in there when she is done playing and wants to sleep or just wants to be left alone. She has only had one accident and that was by the door so we think we didn't hear her when she had to go out. She is very quiet. She's only barked about 6 times and that has been at the guinea pigs and the rabbit. She loves going for walks out in the woods behind our house but doesn't like going outside at night. Best of all, she sleeps through the night!!!!
Alex is a little disappointed because she isn't a rough and tumble puppy like Tuffy was but Alex is learning how he can play and have fun with Ginger in her own way. With Ginger around, I haven't spent much time on my quilting but I have to get started to have things ready for the show at Artistic Roots Gallery.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Exhibit at Artistic Roots

My quilt group (we've changed the name), Fiber Explorers is having an exhibit at Artistic Roots Gallery in Campton, NH for the month of October. We are having an opening reception October 3. Here's a write up that Lynn Elkington wrote for the local papers. It will be easier than trying to tell you everything myself.

Campton, NH
What is fiber art? If you’ve heard the term and are curious about quilted art forms, a good place to explore will be Artistic Roots Gallery in Campton, October 3rd through 30th. The Fiber Explorers, six friends who have a love of working with fiber in common, will present a exhibit entitled "Texture-Textiles-Techniques". The opening reception is set for October 3rd, 5pm to 7pm, where visitors can meet with Susan Wei, Lynne Rand, Marilyn Mason, Carmen Burns, Beth Mastin and Lynn Elkinton to view their work and chat about what went into creating the individual art pieces. Often the works are primarily created from fabric. But other materials, including paper, paint, beads, metal, wood or plastics may also be employed. A prominent feature of the display will be a Round Robin collection that the group worked on this past Spring. Each member was to begin with a piece of fabric measuring 12" x 18", and establish a theme for the piece. Every two weeks the group met and passed each piece to another in the group to add their special touch, keeping within the theme, and trying techniques with which they might have been unfamiliar. Small journals were kept with each project to chronicle the progress and decisions of each artist. The quilts were eventually returned after 12 weeks to the original owners to complete. The results were a creative collaboration of the six women, each piece a special work of art created from six points of view. The idea for the project was conceived when several members of the group read about a similar project in the Spring issue of "Cloth, Paper, Scissors", a fiber arts magazine.
Anyone interested in more information about this exhibit may call 603-726-7101. Artisitic Roots Gallery is located at the intersection of Routes 49 and 175, near the dam in Campton, NH.

If you happen to be up in this area in October, we would love to have you stop in and see the exhibit.