Monday, October 28, 2013

More Glue Resist

I thought I'd better post something since I haven't for a while. My husband has been going through some health issues for over a year now that is the main reason I haven't posted more often. His health issues are on going. I've also been trying to work all the hours I can at the bakery. I've been doing a lot more cake decorating which is fun. It's the most creative part of the bakery work and I really enjoy it. Just wish it paid a little more.

I've been so stressed and tired lately that I haven't finished any projects. My mind can't seem to focus, I start one thing and then my mind wanders to another idea and I'm off on something new. Or I get to a certain point and can't seem to make up my mind on what to do next or what the piece needs, so I'm off to something new. At least it keeps my mind and hands busy. I find just playing with surface design to be the best thing to work on since I don't have to think about it. I don't worry about messing up something that I've spent a lot of time on. 

I have been doing some more playing with glue resist. My friend, Anita, picked up a couple boxes of this heavier weight canvas type material at a second hand store. She gave me a bunch a while ago and I've been playing with that. Wanted to see how the glue resist would react with the heavier fabric.
I really like the results. 

This was the first piece I tried. I used the washable clear glue. It was runnier than the other two washable kinds I tried, so I thought it would have a better chance of going through the fabric. It did go through but as you can see, some of the paint colored that areas where the paint was. I really like this effect. This fist one, I dried all scrunched up. All the rest I let dry flat. You can see a difference in the results.

Seeing how the glue spread on the first piece, I wondered what would happen if I put the glue on a piece of fabric that was hanging up. It did just what I wanted. The glue ran down the fabric. I didn't like the horizontal line on top where I had placed the glue so.......

I decided to try applying the glue in spots. This fabric was a regular piece of pfd. You can see how the glue penetrated the fabric better and the fabric stayed white.  I love looking at rain running down a window, and have wondered how I could get that effect on fabric. This might work.

These next ones were playing with on of my favorite shapes, circles. This one I hung up after applying the glue. You can see how the glue ran before it dried.

This, I just decided to make lines.

This one I really like, I wanted to play with a bigger circles. This reminds me of  ripples on water. Lots of possibilities here. 

Since this is a heavier fabric, I will have to rethink how I use it. Can't really cut it up and sew it back together and quilt it. I think it would work nicely in collage pieces. Need to get some more of the glue. I used up what I had. Also need more paint. I used dyna-flo and transparent fabric paints. I've been needing to use some of these up since they are so old some of them aren't usable any more.