Sunday, April 06, 2008

Cape Cod Memories

Here is one of the pieces I've been working on. I still need to attatch the embellishments but I'm thinking of putting this onto an artist's canvas instead of making a quilt out of it. Figured it would be easier to attatch it with out all the stuff. I like the raw edges of this and thought if I paint and artists canvas and attatch this, it will show off the edges. The background is paper fabric made out of tea bags. The fabric the tea bags were glued to was painted blue. After it was dry, I highlighted areas with Color Box inks. Then I added things that I found on our trip to Cape Cod, hence the name: Cape Cod Memories. The starfish I had to buy there since the couple that we saw were really big and were broken and smashed into the sand. I added the stitching to give it some texture.

I love the colors in this!

I'm Back

I'm finally back. I felt terrible for so long and then I had to catch up on everything. I finally had a chance to finish something and get pictures of it. This is Lynn Elkinton's picture which was the inspiration for my piece below. I went more abstract than I usually do but that was my intent. I've been wanting to try more abstract pieces. The quilting doesn't show much in the this picture.

We finally had our quilt group meeting this past Friday. This winter we haven't had much luck getting together. It really makes you appreciate it when you do get together. I forgot my camera so I didn't get any new pictures from the group. We did hear about Marilyn and Susan's dyeing class down at Pro-Chem. I forget who it was with.
Last Saturday, I had a class with Jane Balshaw. It was her Color Theory class. I learned alot and had a lot of fun. Just don't have anything interesting to show since we just made color swatches. I want to expand on what we did in the class and make more swatches to fill in my color wheels more. Also experiment with making tints and tones of different colors.
I have made a small quilt for Quilting Arts "Go Green" challenge. Just can't show it here. While I was working on that piece, I had an idea for another couple of pieces. For the background of both pieces, I used old tea bags and then used paint and Color Box inks to color them. For one of the backgrounds, I'm using my "souveniers" from Cape Cod. (shells, rocks, feathers, etc). When I collected these things, I had planned to use them in someway so we'd have a unique souvenier.
I'm not sure what I will do with the other background yet. It will come to me eventually.
I've also got to get moving on my Grab Bag challenge. I have some of the fabrics and embellishments up on my design wall. I have an idea, just need to figure out how to actually make it!!