Friday, May 25, 2012

Pop Up Quilt Show

If anyone is near Plymouth, NH today, 5/25, or Saturday, May 26, stop by the Pease Public Library and see the quilt show. It's open 10am to 5pm both days. Susan, Anita and I from the Fiber Divas put this together for the library. Marilyn also has some quilts in it along with some other local quilters. My daughter, Kara, also has one of hers in the show.  There is a nice variety of traditional and art quilts. I took some pictures this morning. the ones here show the Fiber Divas quilts since I don't have permission to put up the others quilts on my blog.

I'm finally back to actually write something about the photos. I had meant to get the names of everyones quilts when I was at the show Saturday and of course forgot to. These first 3 just show general pictures of the room and how we set it up. It was an adventure figuring out how to hang the quilts since we couldn't put anything in the walls. Also figuring out how to group the quilts so it made sense. For the bigger quilts, we put 2 folding tables next to each other and used fishing line on the back to hang them. You can see Marilyn's quilt the top photo set up this way. We had 5 quilts displayed this way.

We pulled one of the room dividers out part way and hung some of the smaller quilts from it. The top photo shows my leaf quilt and the next photo shows the other side of the divider with 3 of my quilts and Anita's flower quilt.

Here's a closer look at the 4 quilts. I should have taken a close-up of Anita's since this doesn't show all the thread stitching Anita did the background. I had meant to take my camera Saturday when I was watching the show for 2 hours and get some close-ups. Her piece is a whole cloth quilt.

My leaf quilt 

Three of my quilts that hung in a window. I think all my quilts have been posted at various times on the blog so I won't go into detail about them.

The top left quilt is Anita's. in this one I think she wove fabric strips together and then added the sheer strips on top. Then she added embroidery. It looks really cool close-up. On the top right is Marilyn's quilt. It had some nice 3-D leaves on it. Anita made the quilt of her house. It is a gift for her exchange student to take home with her. 

Here is Kara's and my, mother daughter quilts. Kara's the the top quilt. She made this in the 6th grade after hearing her teachers daughter talk about her time in the Peace Corp in Africa. This was one of Kara's first quilts and she designed it herself. and did most of the sewing herself. We had fun looking for embellishments she could use on it. The bottom is my first non traditional quilt that I designed myself. 
This Quilts is Susan's.Once again the picture doesn't do it justice. Susan uses lots of layering techniques. Sun printing, dyeing, stamping, layering sheers and metallic, quilting and other techniques. I spent a long time looking at her quilts and I still don't think I saw all the details.

Here is the purple display. The top on is my Construction quilt. The bottom left is Marilyn's Lupine quilt. Once again, this picture does not do the quilt justice. Bottom right is my quilt. The idea for it came from a small painting my Grandmother did in her 90's. The assisted living home she was in had craft times. One day, they had painting. The hard part for Grandma was she could only see blobs of color by this time. But she went ahead and made an abstract flower that looked like a flower. So I took that idea of blobs of color and made this quilt. Grandma put her painting in the auction at our family reunion and I ended up with it. The bidding was quite fierce but I eventually won it. At that time, I didn't have a place to put it so it's been tucked away, but now that I have a place to hang stuff up, I need to frame it and get it up.

On the table we have Marilyn's crazy quilt which was a big hit, two of Anita's cards and Susan's tote.

These are two of Anita's pieces. Once again you can't see the quilting in them. The cross piece she made for her husband.

. We had a lot of people come through. They really enjoyed the mix of traditional and art quilts.