Sunday, September 27, 2009

Geocaching Days

I had last Thursday and Friday off work and managed to do a little geocaching. Both days were really nice. The trees are starting to turn color. My pictures are a little out of order. These first 3 were taken in Hebron, NH on Friday. There is a marsh here with a couple walking trails. I took Ginger with me.


There was an old apple tree. I tried to get some nice pictures of the apples but between the wind and Ginger pulling on the leash, this was the only one that wasn't blurry.

On Thursday, Gary, Ginger and I went geocaching and ran into this little guy. I don't like snakes but think their patterning is neat. Ginger kept trying to sniff it. I was waiting for her to get bitten on the nose!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Play Day with the Fiber Divas

I meant to post these pictures a while ago. The Fiber Divas had a play day and tried gelatin monoprinting. We took the idea from the August/September 2009 Quilting Arts. Frances Holliday Alford, had an article about monoprinting.

To make the smaller monoprints, above, I cut the gel with a biscuit cutter.

We found that the monoprints came out really cool on black fabric.

This was a really fun project and could get really addicting!!! Before I knew it, I had a good size pile of monoprints. It was interesting to see how different each divas monoprints came out. Now, I just need to find some time to embellish these and decide what I am going to do with them.

To make these bigger round monoprints, I set up the gelatin in a 9" cake pan.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Carmen's Challenge Quilt

I finally finished Carmen's quilt for this years challenge. Her theme was Ecclesiastes 3:1, " There is a time for everything and a season for every purpose under heaven." The name of my quilt is "Letting Go" I thought it was appropriate with Kara going off to college.
Here's a closeup of the piece.

Ok, Can anyone tell me why I keep getting parts of my text that is underlined. I don't know how to get rid of the underlining and as I typed, it just stopped. I don't know what I did but it started back up under the second picture and stopped again. Again I don't know what made it stop.

Kara is now at Houghton College. She and I had a good 10 hour drive out there. I took 2 days driving home and had a sort of vacation for myself. Although it does seem strange without her here at home, I think we are adjusting. We bought a webcam so we can talk to her on the computer. Alex started his freshman year in high school and is really surprising us so far. He seems to be taking on more responsibility for himself this year. We'll see how it keeps going.

We are moving Kara's stuff out of her room and moving Alex into it. It's time Alex has a real room to himself and not just the loft. We are planning on painting the loft once it gets all cleaned out and putting new flooring in it. I'm thinking of a nice green color. It has to be a color that both Kara and I like since the loft will be my workroom and Kara's room when she is home. It will be nice to get all my stuff out of the livingroom.