Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"Making Fabric Jewelry"

I just found out that I won this book from Beading Arts.  Since I work with fabric, I had been thinking it would be fun to use fabric to make some jewelry pieces. Then I saw the drawing for this book and won!! 

Maybe this will help me make what I see in my mind. Can't wait to get it and start reading.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

4 Circles Quilt

This is the latest circles quilt that I've been working on. The top is fused together then mounted on a background quilt. I had fun making this one. I used colors that I don't usually use for my quilts. I had a bunch of  silk clothing that I had collected and they were all in these gorgeous fall colors. I used these for my starting point then went through my stash to get colors that went with them.

Here's a close-up of the quilt.

Monday, November 05, 2012

A Quilter's Gathering

Had a lot of fun at A Quilter's Gathering. I think it worked out well at the new venue in Manchester. Although I had never taken a class when it was in Nashua. I went down Thursday with Marilyn and Susan from the Fiber Divas. We met Carmen and Anita down there for lunch. Carmen and Anita were in Diane Hires "Come Play with Me" class. Then Susan, Marilyn and I took a quick look at the quilt show and meandered through the merchants mall. It was nice having the merchants in 1 big room instead of several small room. Much more space. 

Friday I drove back down for my class with Diane Hire. I took "Vivacious Curvy Squares" Diane was a fun teacher. By the end of the class, I had the separate components done. I had the green strips sewn together and the curved pieces. Yesterday afternoon, I sewed all the pieces together into these blocks. Now to figure out how I will finish it. Some type of border. Gary wants me to make more blocks and make it into a bed quilt. 

I also spent more time looking at all the quilts at the show. Took some pictures of some quilts that I thought Kara might like to see. There was one that won best of theme, "Just by Chance". The quilt was a fish and it used pop tabs from cans for scales on the fish and bubbles in the water and other embellishments on the borders. I had always wondered what could be done but always thought any quilt I did would look tacky. This quilt wasn't tacky. The pop tops really fit in nicely. Then spent some more time wandering around the merchants mall.

This class was just what I needed with all that has been going on with my mom and with Gary. It was a nice getaway.