Monday, May 27, 2013

A Thunder Snow Storm?

I think it is almost June but I'm not really sure. I don't think Mother Nature is sure either. Saturday night Kara asked me if we should bring the vegetable plants in because it was snowing. Not too long after bringing the plants in (glad I hadn't planted them yet!), there was a big flash of lightening and the boom of thunder and it was still snowing. Before I went to bed, I took a picture of my car with the snow on it.

Haven't had a lot of time to work on much. I did take an old piece of styrofoam insulation and make a design wall and  2 printing surfaces. I also took an old sheer curtain and make a screen for screen printing. I've wanted to try screen printing for a while and the class with Elizabeth Barton pushed me to try it. This was my first attempt at screen printing with thickened dye. I cut a stencil from copy paper to use. This piece isn't great but I can see lots of potential. This could be addictive.
On the bottom right side, when I was finished, I took the paper off the screen and layed it the fabric to get a print. This was something I saw Kerr Grabowski do on her Quilting Arts dvd.

I do have a few other things to show. I just have to take pictures. We  now have to get ready for Alex's high school graduation. Then graduations should be over with for a couple of years. Have a lot of cleaning to do which is hard since I'd much rather be playing with fabric, paint and dye and stuff.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Updated Shibori Quilt

I decided to go ahead and add the 2 rows to the shibori  quilt I made for Elizabeth Barton's class at Quilt University. I like the way it came out. The longer I stare at it I find more visual patterns in it. It's given me more ideas for some shibori quilts. Just need to dye some more fabric!

We are back from Kara's graduation. It was nice. The weather was a little gray and chilly but we had a nice visit with Gary's family while we were there. Kara had fun getting together with all her friends before they all went in different directions. Now to just get through Alex's high school graduation in a month.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Shibori Quilt Top

Here's the top I made with the shibori fabrics I made in Elizabeth Barton's class. I'm thinking of adding another row at the top and bottom of this. Maybe, maybe not. We'll see.
Tomorrow Gary and I are off to Houghton, NY for Kara's college graduation. Not looking forward to the 10 hour drive there and back. Kara flew out Sunday to be able to do some of the senior activities that are going on this week and spend some more time with her friends before they head off in different directions.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

More Fabrics from Elizabeth's Class

The second lesson we did was color dyeing. I tried my hand at making browns from blue, red and yellow. I saw some pieces dyed from these colors in one of my dyeing books and liked the colors.

In lesson 3, we moved onto shibori. 

The next 2 pieces were wrapped diagonally on a pvc pipe and scrunched down.

This piece reminds me of tree branches.

This was the blue/green  piece above, I over-dyed it with turquoise. I like the way this came out. 

This piece was wrapped on a bigger pvc pipe and wrapped with string as I scrunched it. I dyed it with fuschia and green. The green was made from basic blue and sun yellow.  I love the way this came out. I also did a run of fabric using these colors. Just waiting to get them rinsed out, washed and dried.

Now to figure out how I am actually going to use these!