Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fiber Divas Challenge

Meant to post these a long time ago. These are the quilts that I've received from the Fiber Divas for our yearly challenge. My theme is "Going in Circles" This first one was made by Susan.

This was made by Lynn.

Marilyn made this one.

And finally, Anita made this one.

Now to start figuring out how to put these together. I had an idea when I first started, now I just nee to figure out how to get all the colors to work together. I still need to make mine, which I was waiting to do when I got all mine back.
I'm still working on the pieces for everyone else. I finished Marilyn's a while ago and have been working on Lyn's for a while. Hers should be finished for the next meeting. I'm finding it harder to get things done now that I'm back to my normal work schedule. I have alot more energy than I used to but I still get tired out.

Monday, May 04, 2009

The Prom

I can't believe my baby girl is 18 and graduating high school this year!! Where has the time gone?? Kara's friend, Sarah, actually talked her into going to the prom. I think this is the first dance that Kara has gone to since jr. high. Sarah also arranged for Kara to go to the local beauty school with her and have her hair, nails and makeup done.
The next picture was taken after she got back home so her hair is falling down but it shows the shawl that she and I painted the night before. (See this post does have something fiber related in it!) Thursday night when I was shortening the straps to the dress, I realized she didn't have anything to wear over her sholders if she got cold. Friday, after work and before I went to the Fiber Divas meeting, I ran around town trying to find something. All I could find was a white shawl (scarf) that didn't really go with the dress. After I got back from the Fiber Divas meeting, Kara and I pulled out my fabric paints and painted the shawl. Talk about waiting till the last minute!!

It really went great with her dress. As soon as these pictures were taken, Kara got out of the clothes, took out all the bobby pins, took off the make-up and washed her hair. She's a jeans and t-shirt girl and doesn't wear make-up normally so she couldn't wait to get out of everything. She did look beautiful though!!
Kara said that her favorite part of the whole day was the looks she got. People would walk right by her and not know who she was. Then they'd turn around with a suprised look on their face, when they realized it was Kara.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Where's Beth?

I'm right here at home. I can't believe how long it's been since I've written. Just been so busy - no quilting really but busy. I'm back up to a normal schedule at work and get home too tired to do much. I have to get working on the Fiber Divas project. I've only finished Marilyn's quilt.

Two weeks ago, Kara and I went on a girls weekend to Houghton College in Houghton NY. Where's that you ask? It's south of Buffalo. Ten hours west of Plymouth. I was really happy that Kara and I made good time getting to Houghton. I drove the first 5 hours and Kara drove the second 5. She picked out her classes for the fall semester and lined up a work study job. I sat in on talks about financial aid and other talks about Houghton. Kara stayed in the dorm while I stayed with Gary's younger brother and his family.

Geri Ann leant the Fiber Divas the 3rd season of Quilting Arts TV. I ended up with it first and really enjoyed watching it. A couple of my favorite episodes were the ones with Beryl Taylor and Melanie Testa. There was a third person who I really liked but can't remember her name right now. Watching Beryl's episode on machine felting with unusual fabrics is where I got the idea for these pieces. I have a collection of scarves and other fabrics that I've been wanting to use in something. I experimented to see which ones would felt and which ones wouldn't. I used my hand felters since I don't have a machine and it worked!! I added some beading and big stitching.
I painted warm and natural batting to use as the backing for the felting. I had been wanting to try painting the batting for a long time. Just hadn't taken the time. I also wanted to see if these different fabrics would felt to the batting.

These were fun projects that I could make without really thinking about. Which is great when I'm really tired.

This blue one isn't quite finished. I still need to add some more beading. I took these pictures before I started the hand stitching and beading on the blue piece.

Now I just need to figure out how I want to finish these. I think it would be neat to leave the edges of the different fabrics sticking out. Before I thought of that, I cut a couple off on one side.