Sunday, March 09, 2008

Quilt Group Pictures

Here are the pictures I took at the last Quilt Group Meeting. This first one is Lynne Rands picture. She decided she has so much going on that she won't be able to participate this year but we all liked her picture so much that we are still passing it around.
This is Susan's version of the picture. One sign says "out of order" and the other says "waiting for plumber"

Here is a peek inside.

Gretchen's quilt. She adds alot of embroidery to her quilts.
Anita's quilt of Lynn Elkinton's picture. Lynn's picture has all the roots on a hiking path.
Gretchen's quilt of my bottle picture.
Carmen's quilt of Susan's picture. Susan's picture was a field of lupine with mountains in the background. Most of the Lupine in here are done with embroidery.

Lynn Elkinton's quilt of Susan's picture. Lynn did this one on her embellisher also. I don't know why my picture came out so dark.

Gretchen's picture.

Gretchen's quilt. Oops, just realized I have this upsidedown!!!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Lost Fabric - Found

I finally figured out what I had done with the fabric I had misplaced. I had put it in my totebag to take to the meeting last Friday that was cancelled! These are the pieces that I dyed using Robbie Joy Eklows technique. These are only fat quarters - biggest I could do inside. I'd like to try some larger pieces in the summer when I can dye outside. The first one is my favorite.

I was feeling well enough that I made it to the art quilt group today but I'm really feeling tired tonight. I have a bunch of pictures of the round robin quilts that I will post tomorrow. I also have more of the pictures that we are using that I need to scan. It was fun to be able to get together again - had the meeting just in time, we're supossed to get more bad weather tonight.
Better go and rest. Tomorrow is my last day home then it's back to work! Although I would rather have time off of work when I was feeling good!!!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

More Dyeing Results - Finally

It's been a while since I've had the energy to post. I ended up with the crud that is going around work, although I don't seem to have gotten it as bad as others have. Just hope I don't speak too soon and end up getting worse.
I finally got up enough energy to take pictures of some of the second batch of dyeing I did. Although, I can't find the pieces that I dyed using Robbi Joy Eklows technique. I don't know what has happened to them while I've been sick. Frustrating!!!
This first piece was a cloth I used to pick up the excess dye on one of those misplaced pieces.
This was a run of fabric going from fuschia to sun yellow. Again with this, I added a second piece of fabric to the bag 15 minutes after the first piece went in. This was a light to dark run of raspberry dye. The 3 darkest, I added a little black. I had done this run once before and really liked the colors. This was a light to dark run of some blue color. Can't remember the name.
I haven't had the energy to do anything else since this. I'm hoping I feel well enough to go to quilt group tomorrow. We had to cancel the last meeting because of snow and rescheduled it for last Friday. Had to cancel that one because we were meeting at Lynn Elkinton's house again and she became sick. Hopefully tomorrows meeting will work out.
I find it very frustrating to be at home and not feel well enough to work on any of my projects. I was doing so well and have so many things I need to be working on!!