Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fiber Divas Challenge

Meant to post these a long time ago. These are the quilts that I've received from the Fiber Divas for our yearly challenge. My theme is "Going in Circles" This first one was made by Susan.

This was made by Lynn.

Marilyn made this one.

And finally, Anita made this one.

Now to start figuring out how to put these together. I had an idea when I first started, now I just nee to figure out how to get all the colors to work together. I still need to make mine, which I was waiting to do when I got all mine back.
I'm still working on the pieces for everyone else. I finished Marilyn's a while ago and have been working on Lyn's for a while. Hers should be finished for the next meeting. I'm finding it harder to get things done now that I'm back to my normal work schedule. I have alot more energy than I used to but I still get tired out.

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Nicole said...

Those are lovely. Very inspiring. You ladies are very creative.