Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Finally, we've had a sunny warm day! No rain! Usually I don't mind the rain since it keeps the well filled but I'm really sick of it right now! We haven't been able to enjoy the ladies slippers in our yard. These pictures are from last year since it hasn't been dry enough to get any this year. We've had more of them this year than ever before.
We are busy at work now so I haven't had a chance to get any quilting done. Very frustrating! I keep trying to fit in a couple minutes here and there but I really wish I could do more. Although, I'm so tired that I would probably mess things up.

I did get "Mixed Media Explorations" by Beryl Taylor last week. It is published by Quilting Arts. as usual they did a superb job putting the book together. I could spend hours just looking at the pictures. I love Beryls work, it has lots of texture. I have been playing with some new techniques from her book when I can. No pictures yet.

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