Sunday, June 04, 2006

This n That

I haven't had a chance to work on anything lately. Work has gotten busier and I've had kids things to do. Alex had his birthday party yesterday. I'm glad he only invited 2 boys since it was raining all day! We also lost electricity for a while.

This is a quilt that Kara made for a project in her English class. They had read the Odyssey and had a choice of doing an art project or taking a test or doing both. Kara being the over achiever she is did both. The art project for her grade and the test for extra credit!!
The main picture on the jar(can't think of the actual word - Amphora?) is a scene from the Odyssey. All the little things relate back to the story. She had to show her art project to the class and tell how it related to the Odyssey and answer questions about her art piece. She found out her English teacher, Mr Smith, is a quilter. She recieved a 98 for her project and did just as well on her test.
Thursday morning we had a black bear in our driveway. I tried to get a picture but wasn't able to. Alex was really excited. He'd never seen a bear that close. Kara was disappointed because she was at school and missed it.

Fiber Art Friends met on Friday. We did the last exchange of our round robin projects. I forgot to take a picture of the one I worked on. It is always fun to see what everyone adds. It's getting harder to decide what to do with them now. At the next meeting, we will get our own pieces back to finish. They will be displayed at our quilt show in October.

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