Monday, July 17, 2006


Haven't had much to post about. Iam working on a quilt but it is for the Grab Bag Challenge so I can't show any pictures. Right now we are just trying to stay cool!! Oh, how I wish for air conditioning! It doesn't get too bad in the house until after 2:00 then the sun hits the front of the house with all the windows. Unfortuanately my sewing area is in the front room. We have about 7 fans in various rooms of the house running. This hot weather just seems to zap my energy.

Yesterday we took Alex to camp at White Mountain Ranch in Rumney. He'll be there for a week. This is a picture of Stinson Lake, where the camp is. It looked very inviting since it was so hot. Wish I could have jumped in the water with Alex when he took his swim test! At least we had a nice breeze. We've been there other times when it was hotter and no breeze.
Gary, Kara and I were out running errands last week and saw this sunset over the mountains. You'll never guess where I took the picture from!! I took it from Wal-Marts parking lot.
We've been doing some geocaching lately. We have finally introduced Gary to it so he and Kara have been running off to find new caches. I tell them it's a waste of time because they'll just have to go back with Alex and me so we can find them.
Someone asked me to explain geocaching a while ago and I never got around to it.
All around the USA and the world, people have hidden caches. In these caches are usually a log book to sign when you find it and some trinkets and small toys to trade for if you want. One of the caches Kara and I did was a foreign coin cache where you traded foreign coins for foreign coins.
To find these caches you go to www. and look up caches in an area you want to go to and get GPS coordinates for these caches. You enter the coordinates into your GPS and use the GPS to find the general area of the cache, then you search for where the cache is hidden.
It's really fun and we can do it as a family. We've seen places we've never seen before and learned some things we didn't know before about the area around Plymouth.
These pictures were taken of Quincy Bog in Rumney. We found a cache there. This was the first time that Gary went with us and he and Kara fought over who got to use the GPS. They have the same pesonalities which can cause problems at times. Both want to be in control and neither wants to give in!! I told them they would have to learn to work together or we wouldn't be able to geocache all together. I want it to be fun not a struggle for control!! They seem to have worked it out now.
Even though I have lived in this area for over 30 years, I had never been to the bog before!!

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Maureen said...

Hi Beth, Geocaching sounds like fun, I'll have to try it here in the Chicago area.