Saturday, July 07, 2007

Not Much Quilting Going On

Well, I haven't had much time or energy to work on anything quilty. I have worked a little on my journal quilt but of course, I can't show you that.

Last monday Gary, Kara and I went on a hike looking for a geocache. To learn more about geocaching, go here.
It was a nice cool, breezy day for a hike. The cache was half way up a mountain not too far from our house. Miss long legs (Kara) was way ahead while I was taking my time so I didn't kill myself. Bet I saw a lot more than she did!! We brought Ginger with us - she loves hiking in the woods. Here are Kara and Ginger near where we found the cache.
On the way down, I saw something jump out of the corner of my eye and found this little guy. If he hadn't jumped, I wouldn't have known he was there. He really blends in with the ground.

I saw a butterfly I wanted to get a picture of but it just wouldn't land where I could get a picture. It would have been a good picture for my idea notebook.
Hopefully I will have something to show you soon but I'm not sure. Gary goes to the hospital on Tuesday for some major reconstructive surgery. He had had radiation and surgery for cancer and now areas around his nose and sinusses are deteriorating so he needs surgery. The Dr's are planning for an 8 hour surgery - it all depends on what they find when they actually start. They are planning for him to be in the hospital 7 days and it will probably be a least a month for recovery. Since I don't have anymore time off, I will be working 40 hour weeks during all of this!
And I think I'm tired now!!!

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Judy said...

I had to look twice to the frog....come to my blog.. you won!!