Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Had today off of work. It was too hot to do much of anything! I HATE hot weather. I did finish these up for a swap I'm doing. I learned last night not to try and sew while you are tired! On two sets of these inchies, I finished the edges. Then as the last one was almost finished, I realised that I hadn't fused the backing on! I fused backings on after and didn't bother with restitching.
Now to get started on my journal quilt. The only problem is, I have more and more ideas that I keep thinking of that I want to start and don't get older, already started projects finished.

Kara gets back from England tomorrow night. Can't wait to hear about her trip!

Too hot to post more. Time to go plant myself in front of a fan!

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kay susan said...

Love the colours in these!