Saturday, September 08, 2007

My art quilt group got together yesterday. It was a nice time catching up and seeing what we had all been up to. Marilynn showed us some pieces she had done in a class with Velda Newman at Quilting by the Lake. The were really nice.

Lynne Rand made it to the meeting and showed us some of the things she has been printing. Really nice mixed media. I love the texture she gets. We had a new lady, Anita. She showed some applique pieces that were really nice.

I took the top that I made in Carol Taylor's class. Still need to finish it. I also showed this piece that is above. I'm taking a class on Quilt University with Myrna Giesbrecht called Self Expression. I still need to attatch the small quilt to the background fabric. I want to mount the fabric to a canvas first before I put the small quilt on.
The background was one of the pieces I sun printed before we went to Cape Cod. I just happened to set the small quilt on top of it when I was done working one night and the light bulb went on in my head - the 2 pieces were made for each other.
Now that Labor day is over I hope I can do a little more quilting. Work should be slowing down - I hope!!!! Most of the tourists have gone home.

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