Friday, September 26, 2008

Home to Stay?

Hopefully I am home to stay. I spent most of my summer in the hospital. The longest stay I had at home was a week before developing another infection and landing right back in the hospital. This tme things are looking good. I've been home for almost 5 weeks and have been taken off of the I.V. antibiotics and I.V.nutrients(TPN) that I was on. The Dr's also took out the Picc line from my arm. Just hope that things keep going this well.

Don't have anything new to show but since the 2007 Journal Quilts are being sent home, I thought I would post mine. I don't think I have put it up previously. I have been getting a few quilts ready for the Belnap Mill Quilters Quilt Show in Laconia, NH. I think the show is October 4th to the 5th. My small art quilt group is the special exhibit. We are exhibiting our round robin projects from this year, plus our round robin books from last year and other pieces that we've done. I wish I could have gotten more of our round robin project done but I'm just starting to have the energy to play again.

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:-D eirdre said...

Continued good health wishes being sent north! It's nice to see you post again.

Your JQ really fits the season.

:-D eirdre