Thursday, February 19, 2009

The "I don't Know What to Call this Post" Post.

Haven't been doing too much with quilting lately. Been too tired from work. I'm still only working part-time but get tired easily. So haven't had much energy to do what I like to do. I did make this ATC for a swap with Terri Stegmiller. I know it's a little late for Valentines Day but I did get it done and it is on it's way. At the last meeting of Fiber Divas, we decided on our challenge for this year. It's sort of a take off on cutting up a picture and each person making a piece of the picture. Except, we aren't using a picture. Each person decided on a shape for their quilt and cut it up into 6 pieces we also decided on a theme for the quilt. Now everyone has 1 piece from each quilt. So at the end of this, each person will get back the 6 pieces for their quilt and have to figure out how to put them together to make a whole piece again. Then to add another part to the challenge, some gave out fabric that each person had to use in their piece or drew some sort of line through the pattern pieces that have to be included in the finished piece.

I decided on a theme of "Going in Circles" and made a big rectangle that I cut into 6 unequal pieces. On each "pattern" piece I drew a circle for the person to include in the finished piece. At this point I'm thinking of attatching the pieces together with some type of rings but that may change when I actually get them back.

I've been working on Marilyn's piece and really need to get going on it. Her idea is to use a technique that she and Sue learned at a workshop called chopsuey sashiko. We are meeting tomorrow and I don't have anything to show. I have some ideas for Carmen's and Anita's pieces but am not quite sure how I'm actually going to execute the ideas. They both picked Ecclesiastes 3:1 for their theme (I almost picked that too!). Sue picked the moon for her theme and Lynn picked the song "Ride the River" by Eric Clapton.


StegArt said...

Love the photo of your ATC. Can't wait to see it in person.

baglady said...

Your friends picked Ephesians 2:1? That is an odd choice for a quilt.

Anonymous said...

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