Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Some New Pieces for the Fiber Divas Challenge

I'm behind getting work done for the Fiber Divas Challenge this year. I finished up Lynn's a while ago but just hadn't got around to posting it. I finished up Susan's piece last week for the meeting on Friday and I wasn't able to make it. Susan's theme was the Moon. I decided to make mine "Howling at the Moon" All her pieces were pie shaped.
This is Lynn's piece. Her theme was based on a song. I can't remember what the name was but it had to do with going down the river. We each had a piece of blue fabric that Lynn gave us to use. We all agree that it is the hardest piece of fabric to match. I finally strip pieced the background and then covered it with painted cheesecloth to blend all the blues together. I then couched and needle felted yarns and fibers to the top. The leaf, I cut out of painted Lutrador.

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