Sunday, September 27, 2009

Geocaching Days

I had last Thursday and Friday off work and managed to do a little geocaching. Both days were really nice. The trees are starting to turn color. My pictures are a little out of order. These first 3 were taken in Hebron, NH on Friday. There is a marsh here with a couple walking trails. I took Ginger with me.


There was an old apple tree. I tried to get some nice pictures of the apples but between the wind and Ginger pulling on the leash, this was the only one that wasn't blurry.

On Thursday, Gary, Ginger and I went geocaching and ran into this little guy. I don't like snakes but think their patterning is neat. Ginger kept trying to sniff it. I was waiting for her to get bitten on the nose!


Melanie said...

Hey Beth, what is geocaching? :) You've posted some PRETTY pictures!! Yikes... that snake was pretty good size! (ok, it was sort of pretty!) LOL Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Sharon said...

Did you find the cashes? I gave my hubby a GPS for Christmas and we have found a few cashes in our neck of the world (IN) and then in MD when visiting relatives. When we started a few years back there were about 200 to find in our county - now over 2000! It is a growing sport!
BTW, Love your art quilts.

Chris said...

My husband and I have been geocaching over three years now. We just love it. Funny, we think nothing of walking five miles to geocache, but to walk for the sake of walking, well, maybe not.