Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Play Time

I've just been playing the last couple of days. No finished projects. In the top piece, I practiced free motion quilting. Need lots of practice with that!!! I decided to use a drawing from my sketchbook that I'd like to turn into a hanging. I used white fabric and with inspiration from "Stitching to Dye in Quilt Art" by C June Barnes, I dyed the piece after doing all the free motion stitching. Even though this isn't a great work of art, I decided to add the beads to start getting an idea of where I want to go with it. On the right hand side, I used some spacer beads from a bead shop that was in town that is now out of business and now I used the last of these. I tried to find some on-line but haven't had any luck. These ones were gun metal gray. I also picked up some in bronze and one other metal color. I love using these in small projects and wish I had some more. I did find some that are similar in gold and silver but nothing like what I have here.

This piece, I was just playing with my hand felter. I really would like an embellisher but I will make due with felting by hand at this point. I used wool roving, sheer fabrics and yarns. I wanted to just practice blending them together to see what I could do other than just making rows like I did in these hangings. One of the things I like about felting with different materials is all the different textures you can get into a piece.


Elizabeth said...

Beth !! Both of these pieces are wonderful! I love all of the fabuous texture in both!! you are so good to let yourself play- that is not an easy thing- for me anyway!!! You ahve accomplished wonderful things here!!

kara.mastin13 said...

These are wonderful. Are they the first pieces you did in the loft or haven't you moved in yet?

Deedra said...

WOW...these are AMAZING! I love your use of colours!!!!