Saturday, November 23, 2013

Something Different

I've been playing with something new. I've wanted to make some jewelry that uses fabric and other fibers but doesn't look crafty.  I've been looking at different jewelry blogs, sites and tutorials and have found I like pieces that use a combination of beads, fiber, and metal. I've been practicing with copper wire. I didn't make the wire rings in the necklace.They are soldered closed and I don't solder - yet.  Looks fun though.

I have another piece that I've started. It has a wire and bead Christmas tree pendant I made. I have some red frosted beads to go with it and I was looking through all my stuff and found some old white shell buttons that look really neat with it. Just have to figure out how I'm going to put it together. Of course, just like quilting, I can't follow someone else's design or pattern, I have to design my own.

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