Thursday, October 05, 2006

Fiber Explorer's Exhibit

Here are some pictures from our exhibit that opened this week at Artistic Roots Gallery in Campton. I have some more that I will upload tomorrow. We set up on monday and had our opening reception Tuesday night.
I forgot to write down the names that everyone put on their quilts, so they won't have titles.
The quilt on the left was made by Marilyn Mason and the one on the right was made by me.
This is a close up of my "Purple Leaf" hanging. I got lots of remarks on the colors and simplicity of it. I am finding that when it comes to quilting I like to do less. Alot of quilts have lots of quilting and I like them but when I go to quilt, I just can't seem to do lots of quilting.
The top quilt and the middle quilt on the right were done by Lynne Rand. The bottom seascape was done my Lynn Elkinton.
I wish I had taken a close up picture of Lynne Rands strippy quilt in the middle. You can't really see the scene in this picture.
These are two leaf pieces. Lynne Rand did the top one and I did the bottom. I posted pictures earlier of this piece as I made it. I had lots of comments on this piece also.
Here is a close up of Lynne Rand's piece.
This is another by Lynne Rand
This is a piece by Susan Wei. It's the piece we used on our postcards and flyers.
I did this one. The wings of the butterfly and dragonfly are 3-dimensional. I started this a long time ago in an on-line challenge that I had to use the fabric that I made the wings out of.
This one was done by Marilyn Mason. You can't see all the thread work in it. It is really gorgeous. The rest of the pictures, I will try to get up tomorrow. I didn't want to risk having the computer or blogger lock up on me. Now I just hope this will post all right. there were a couple of pieces I wasn't able to get pictures of. Susan had some pieces that weren't quilts hanging in the windows and I wasn't able to get good pictures. Either the light coming in washed the picture out or at night the flash showed in the picture.

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