Friday, October 06, 2006

More Exhibit Photos

Here are more pictures from our exhibit.
These are the finished pieces from our round robin project. Lynn Elkinton's cat quilt turned out really neat.
These are the last 2 round robin quilts. I love the way Marilyn finished hers. She added robin fabric and made it round. We also displayed the journals we wrote in as we worked on the round robin project.
This is Carmen Burns quilt. This picture doesn't do it justice. You can't see all the details in it.
The post cards on the table are mine and Lynne Rand made the pillow with the circles.
This is one of my little quilts that I framed. It is a little bigger than a postcard.
The top quilt on the left was made by Marilyn, the rest I made. That is it for our exhibit. I did forget to take a photo of a little vessel that Lynne Rand made.

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Micki said...

These are all great pieces. Thanks for sharing.