Monday, November 20, 2006

Painting Fabric

I decided to do some fabric painting and experiment. I went to Sonji Hunt's blog and read her tutorials on how she paints fabric.
If you go down the page to "some favorites" you will find some fabric painting tutorials.

These are my experiments. I didn't have much time and want to try some more. I may add something to the 2 blue pieces. I dont' really like the last piece of fabric.

Last Friday was my quilt groups meeting. It was fun getting together again. Marilyn brought a book called "Foliage" by Harold Feinstein. Lots of inspiration!!!! He photographed leaves, veggies, fruit, etc. The detail of these was amazing. I NEED to get this book. Maybe I should put it on my Christmas list.

1 comment:

StegArt said...

That's don't like the last piece, but that one's my favorite. I'm a sucker for swirls though and I like more busy pieces.