Thursday, January 11, 2007

Take a Stitch Tuesday - Week 2

The stitch for week 2 on Take a Stitch Tuesday is the buttonhole stitch. I'm hoping to experiment some more but this is what I've done so far. On the right I was playing with a leaf shape. On the bottom, I made the buttonhole stitch different lengths and made them crooked. I was thinking of grass or stems. Then I wove a fuzzy yarn around the bottom of the stitches. I added the french knots just to give the idea of flowers there. The top was just an attempt at couching down a piece of yarn with the button hole stitch.
I really need to find my embroidery hoops so I can keep the fabric tight. Or use something like I last week. Last week, I used a brown paper bag which was crumpled, colored and fused to peltex. I also need to start drawing lines so the embroidery stays straight.


Anne K. said...

Beth, your embroidery examples are lovely! I think I'll try a little of this on some of the NICU quilts I'm working on. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

MJ said...

Yikes! You are experimenting with stuff that I've been contemplating getting into ~ the fusing of quilting & needlework! I just started blogging but posted my Lanarte picture today; my Yellow Brick Road quilt will be posted next week! (I am a beginner quilter & not much of a seamstress; I don't mind creating quilt blocks but can't freehand machine quilt, at least without taking a class! So much to do, so little time!

Thanks for posting; I'll be coming back to see your next feats! /MJ

Susan said...

Oh, I love the flower row! I'm going to work that on some heart soon! The leaf one reminds me of a sunflower. Love it. You did a great job experimenting! I think the fun part of TAST is that it pushes us to look past what we would normally do, to stretch our imaginations a bit. Love your imagination!