Saturday, January 06, 2007

Take a Stitch Tuesday

I'm participating in Sharon Boggon's "Take a Stitch Tuesday Challenge". Each Tuesday, she posts what she has done with a stitch and encourages us to experiment with that stitch and post the results to our blogs. I like to use stitching on my projects and have wanted to experiment with different ways to use the stitches. I'm hoping that this challenge will get me moving.
This weeks stitch is the herringbone stitch. Due to the head cold I have ended up with, my results aren't as experimental as I'd like but at least I did something.

I'm thinking of making some sort of book to put these experiments in.

I have come to the conclusion that I need to organise my yarns, floss, threads, etc. I have all this stuff thrown into different baggies and grocery bags, etc. Makes it hard to find things. Now my livingroom is a mess since I pulled all this stuff out and have it strewn all over the floor.

Well, hopefully I will be better prepared and feeling better for the next stitch.


Mary Emma Allen said...

Very interesting, Beth. I like the idea you have of putting all the different stitches you make during the challenge in a book. Mom

Susan said...

Actually, you did quite a bit. I like the fact that your stacked ones each are a different thread. That background fabric is interesting. At first I thought you were doing it on paper! =)