Sunday, May 20, 2007

More book pages

Friday was our art quilt meeting. We all recieved our pages back to make into a book. Sue wasn't there and GeriAnn's page didn't make it up from Mass, so I don't have pictures of their work yet.
This is my page for Sue's Personal Goddesses book. I had an idea and when I finished this up, I didn't think it fit. (Not what I had pictured in my mind) So I had to come up with a name for her. I called her the Goddess of color. I decided to to it in a style that was completely out of my comfort zone.
This is Lynn's for Marilyn's Techniques book.

This one is Marilyn's for my Nature book.
And finally Carmen's for Lynn's Sky book
There is so much detail in these that the pictures don't show.

Now to figure out how I will put my book together. I'm thinking of using bamboo sticks for the hinges between the pages. I had thought of using sticks from the woods around our house but the bamboo is less rough and I don't have to worry about branches sticking out. I may still search around the woods and see what I can find.

I'm working on a padfolio. I learned about these on various blogs. Sue Bleiweiss designed them and has a tutorial and pattern on how to make these. I'm still embellishing the fabric for mine.