Sunday, May 27, 2007

Plus Size Inchies

Not much to write about today. I have been working on these plus size inchies. I joined an online group called Fiber Art Traders and they are making plus size inchies. Instead of making 1" embellished squares like I have seen on other blogs, they are making them 1 1/2". A little easier to work with. I just made these up for myself. I've thought of some projects to make using inchies for embellishments. I'm also making a couple other ones using fabric beads and am making them into pins. Sue Bleiweiss has a tutorial on how she makes these. She calls them charms. I made mine a little different so that the stitches holding the embellishments on wouldn't show.

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Sue B said...

These inchies are wonderful. Thanks again for the mention Beth!