Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Book

Yesterday I recieved Gloria Hansen's book, "Digital Essentials". I've started reading it and love it. It's written in an easy way for the normal, non-techie person to understand. Having a book that is directed toward quilters is great. It answers questions that a quilter might have about printing onto fabric, putting photos up on the web, submitting images to a quilt show and lots, lots more. This will definately be one of the most used books in my digital library! If you are interested in it, go to Gloria's web site at the link above to learn more about it.
The Fiber Divas get together this afternoon. I'm really looking forward to it! We will try to figure out our schedule for this year and plan our challenge. The sky is nice and clear so we won't have to worry about cancelling again because of snow!

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Elizabeth said...

Oh lucky you!! This book has been on my wish list for quite awhile- I am not going to be able to hold off much longer!!
Have a great art meeting!!