Thursday, October 08, 2009

Fiber Diva's Exhibit

Here are some pictures of the Fiber Divas Exhibit at the Gilford Public Library. Thanks you Lynn for letting me use them!!! The library has a great area for displays and exhibits. These are the first two cases you see as you walk into the exhibit area (not really sure what else you would call this space. Having the glass cases made it really great for displaying small items. Besides the quilts, we also have sewing items like colorful spools of thread, pincushions, chatelains (not sure of the spelling), felted wool balls and fabric beads. These small things are spread out among the 3 cases. The case in the corner has Susan's challenge quilt which had moon as the theme. She also has 2 three dimensional pieces in there. Lynn has 2 pieces on top of the case.

This case is the biggest and has my circle themed challenge piece at the top. You can see the 5 pieces the other Fiber Divas made that are hanging off of my piece. At the bottom is Lynn's challenge piece. I can't remember the words from the song she used for her theme but it had to do with a river. Sorry Lynn!! She also gave each of us a piece of blue fabric that we all thought was really pretty and then found out it was one of the hardest shades of blue to work with!!! We all managed to get a piece of that blue fabric in there somehow. On top of the case is a purse I made and a mixed media piece I made also. Lynn has a couple of her quilts in the bottom of the case.

Closeup of Susan's quilt above the fireplace at the library. I will have to get the name of the quilt from her since I can't remember it and add it later. Ok, somehow I've lost the picture showing the quilt and all of the fireplace.

Here is the 3rd case in the display area. This has Anita's challenge quilt in the top. Her theme was Ecclesiastes 3:1. Marilyn's challenge piece is in the bottom half of the case. Her theme was Sashiko. I wish I had remembered to take pictures of everyones quilts before we put them in the cases. I'll have to remember to take some when we take the exhibit down. I have a couple of quilts laying on the bottom of the case and Lynn has the 2 pieces on top of the case.

Here is Carmen's challenge piece. Her theme was Ecclesiastes 3:1 also. There are only 5 pieces here. Carmen didn't get a chance to make one for her challenge.

Here's a closeup of 4 of the pieces. Left to right are: Marilyn Mason, Susan Wei, Anita Furbush and mine. Lynn Elkinton's is the one missing from this picture.

If anyone is near Gilford, NH, stop by the Gilford Public Library and see the exhibit. It will be up for the month of October and it looks like the exhibit for November fell through and we will be up for November too.

Gilford Public Library
31 Potter Hill Road
Gilford, NH 03249

M, W, Fri 9am-6pm
T and Th 10am-8pm
Sat 10am-2pm


kara.mastin13 said...

They look really nice but I can't go see them :(

kara.mastin13 said...

oh and what is chatelains?

kara.mastin13 said...

oh and where is that quilt you all had "pieces of pie" for. I don't think I saw that one. Or was that something else I'm thinking of?

Elizabeth said...

Great exhibit and some beautiful work!!! Do take more pictures when they come out of the cases!! It will be fun tos ee them without the glass!!
Very Exciting and nice for the library to share your beautiful work with the community!!!

Melanie said...

Congratulations to you & your fiber divas!! :) Beautiful work... How exciting to have your work on display!!

norma said...

It looks like a very nice exhibit with some exciting work. I do live in CT. Maybe I can get to see it if it's up for awhile.

JYA Fiberarts said...

What a lovely quilt show! The library did a great job displaying your group's beautiful work. I am going to try to get up there to see it.
Judy in Northwood, NH

Mary Emma Allen said...

Congrats to the Fiber Divas for an outstanding exhibit. You all did a fabulous job, and the Gilford Public Library has great facilities for this.