Saturday, February 18, 2012

Table is Done

Don't have any new quilts or progress to show. Gary did finish my sewing table so my sewing machine is now level with the table and has no gaps around it. YAAAA!!!!
I did get a lot of cleaning done down in my sewing area especially since I had to vacuum up saw dust.

Tuesday, the Fiber Divas met here at my house we had a great time. Unfortunately Susan and Anita were not able to make it. There is a nasty stomach bug making the rounds up here. Marilyn and I talked about the workshop in VT we went to and showed off the quilts we made.
For our challenge this year, we each brought a yard of fabric which we divided into sixths so everyone received a piece. Here is what we have so far. Susan still needs to bring hers.
The challenge is to make a quilt using a part of each of the fabrics. We can make it any size, use any technique, dye, paint, etc.

That's about it here for now.

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