Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ice Dyeing with the Divas

 Yesterday Susan, Carmen, Marilyn and I got together to try the Ice Parfait Dyeing from the June/July issue of Quilting Arts. It was lots of fun and so easy! I meant to take my camera yesterday to get pictures of us doing the actual dyeing, but forgot it. This morning I rinsed the fabric out and here it is drying on the rack.

 These first two were the first two fabric layers in the container. I can't remember which one was on the bottom. I think the first one was on the bottom. One of them, I loosely twisted before putting in the container.  The next one I scrunched into loose fan folds going diagonally across the fabric.

This one was the third fabric in. I loosely scrunched it.

And finally this was the last one in. I did the loose fan fold on it. This one had the most effect from the ice melting. I'm not sure what you would call it.

It was a fun day but we missed Anita and Lynn. 

I soaked a few more pieces of fabric in Susan's soda ash solution so I could dye some more pieces at home. Those are now sitting in the container in the basement. 

I'm most of the way moved into my sewing room now. Still have a few things to rearrange and reorganize and sort through but I can now use it again!!! Just in time for the hot weather. It's so nice to be able to hide away in the nice cool basement. Which is where I think I will head to now! Just have to think of something simple to eat for dinner. 

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