Saturday, June 30, 2012

More Ice Dyeing

After doing the ice dyeing at Susan's house, I wanted to do some more. I managed to fit in 3 more batches before I had to go back to work a week ago. I finally found time to put the pictures up on my blog. 
These first ones were yellows and reds. The top picture shows all 4 fabrics in the order that they were dyed. The one on the left was on the bottom. All were fat quarters except the one on the right which was a 1/2 yard piece. 

 Here are some closer pictures of a couple of them. Love the colors!

I forgot, this wasn't a pfd fabric, it was a cloth napkin that I picked up at the 2nd hand store. I dyed a couple of these before and find that they take the dye very well. 

This is the 1/2 yard piece. This one I just used yellows, it picked up a little red color from the ice underneath. I think I want to cut it in 1/2 and over dye the right hand side. There is just a little too much plain sun yellow and white showing up. I am thinking of adding some golden yellow to it. It looks brighter, a lot brighter in person!

This was a batch of blue that I did. Once again, the left was dyed on the bottom and I added a little bit of raspberry dye to the blue. The piece on the right was another 1/2 yard piece and I used only blues on that layer.

Here is the whole 1/2 yard piece, unfolded. It came out really neat.

This was the third batch I did. I added a little yellow to the blues. In this picture the fabric on the right was  on the bottom and the one on the left was on the top. I'm not sure why the center piece came out so much lighter. I know the one on the left was on the top because I used a piece of bamboo/cotton fabric that Marilyn gave me. It has a slightly different feel than my pfd fabric. I purposely put it on top so I'd know which piece it was.

Some of the blues came out lighter than I thought they would. I don't know if it is a result of how much dye powder I used or because all my dye powders are around 10 years old. But I always have a hard making myself dye lighter colors so I can't complain.

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laurel said...

Those are so yummy! My favorite is the red and yellow combo.