Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Moving Back In!

The time has finally come. My sewing area is finished, it's painted a nice green and I am moving my stuff back in. Gary is helping to move the big stuff. My fabric cabinets, the ones with the doors, used to be on the other side of the sewing table. I decided to move the to the other side to make a partition between my area and the messy part where the laundry is and the utility sink. It also gives me more wall space to put up a design wall.

We moved this stuff yesterday before we went into work. Just waiting for Gary to wake up so we can finish moving stuff and arranging (He works a later shift than I do). Then I can get down to the actual organizing. I need to go down to the local second hand shop and see if they have a small table top ironing board. I've saw some there the last time I was in. I want to put on up to the right of my sewing machine so I don't have to keep getting up to iron seams each time I sew. That was one thing I found annoying the way the room was set up before. It is really nice to have actual outlets now!!

Better get moving. besides working on this, I also have to make a birthday dinner for Alex and Gary. There birthday is tomorrow but Gary and I are off work today and will be working tomorrow.

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