Saturday, July 21, 2012

Challenge Quilt and More Ice Dyeing

Recently on the Quilt Art list, there was a discussion on how you work. Do you work on one project at a time and finish it before you move on or do you work on multiple projects at once? I'm definately in the latter group. When I start a quilt I will almost always reach a point where I have to stand back and figure out what the next step will be. This could be a matter of minutes to days. While I'm waiting for inspiration to hit me, I will either start a new project or move on to an old one. I was at that point the other day and sandwiched 3 quilts to be quilted. This is the first one. It is now quilted and bound. I need to find something to go in the center circles to hide where the quilting lines meet. It looks a little sloppy there.
 This is what I made for the Divas challenge where we all received a 1/4 yard of fabric from everyone and had to create a quilt with it. I had trouble adding Susan's fabric to the quilt. Hers was the last one I received. I  kept trying things and didn't like them and my piece of fabric was getting smaller and smaller. I finally decided on the circles in the center of all the squares.

This piece of yellow was the yellow piece here. I overdyed it the other day and think it looks much better.

These are some new pieces that I ice dyed. The one on the left was on the bottom and the one on right was on the top. I mixed some intense blue and sun yellow dye powder together before I put the powder onto the ice. I wanted green not yellow and blue. I forget what red I used.

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