Saturday, March 25, 2006

Dyed Fingers

Well, I spent today getting ready to dye and finally late this afternoon actually did some dyeing. No matter how hard I try, I still end up with colored dye all over my hands!
It has to have been a couple of years since I have actually done any dyeing. I put dates on my jars of dye so I use the oldest ones first. There were alot dated from the end of 02. I know I haven't had the chance to do any dyeing but I didn't realize how it had been that long!!
We'll see how these turn out. I did some baggie dyeing and I found some oven liners to try some dyeing like Melody Johnson does (I really need to learn how to put links into my blog posts!). I'll have to wait until warmer weather when I can dye outside to use the technique on larger pieces. I only did fat quarters today. It felt nice to be dyeing again but now for the hard part - I need to wait until tomorrow to rinse everything out. Will I make it or will curiosity get the best of me and end up rinsing them out late tonight? I won't have any new pictures until I get the pieces rinsed out.
Our small quilt group, Fiber Art Friends, met yesterday. It was a great time. I would like to know where my Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine is. The other ladies had there's but mine is no where to be seen and I haven't recieved a renewal notice yet. This is an issue that intrests me more than the others have lately and of course it hasn't come!!!! We decided to do a round robin project based on one in the magazine. It will be a fabric project where the one in the magazine was painting and collage techniques. I just need to decided what I want to do for my theme and make my base piece that everyone will add to.
Well, that is all for tonight. I'm going to try and do a little more of the baggie dyeing before I get too tired. Will try to get some pictures posted tomorrow or Monday of my dyeing.

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