Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My Fabric

I'm finally able to post these. I ended up doing more dyeing on Sunday and finally got started washing and drying yesterday only to be called in early to work due to a sick call. I still have my last batch in the dryer but here is what I have so far. Wish I had a bigger area to dye and just for dyeing!!! This one I soaked in the soda ash solution then poured the dye on. When I rinsed it out, I found I had too many places that the dye hadn't colored so I over dyed it in a baggie with a second blue color.
These are some pieces I dyed with leftover dyes. The green is a really neat piece. I've got some ideas going through my head for it. The picture doesn't do the pink/peach piece justice. There are alot of subtle color variations to it.
This batch and the 4 bottom pieces on the next picture, are from a gradation using purple and yellow. In each baggie I put one piece of fabric right after I added the dye and then waited 15 minutes and added a second piece of fabric to the same baggie. So on the right hand side the first 2 pieces came form the same baggie. It's amazing how the different dyes are used a different rates.
I decided I needed to try and dye some neutral colors so at the top of the pictures are some grays I tried. I also did the delayed dyeing with these, adding a second piece after 15 minutes.
The top row here was just some fun pieces using extra dye. I also dyed some white on white fabric. The bottom row was a gradation I did and didn't really like how it came out so I over dyed it. Now the color has lots of texture to it. This is just another fun pice I over dyed.

Some of these like the grays, I'll never be able to reproduce since I used alot of white and off white fabrics that I had lying around. I did use PFD fabric for some of the stuff but I wanted to use the other whites up as I would never use them unless I dyed them.

So this is how I spent my weekend and now all my dyeing equipment is packed up and put away again. (and not in my husbands way!!) I'll have to wait until the end of April when I have my weeks vacation to do any more dyeing.

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Yummy colors!!!