Saturday, March 18, 2006

Girls Day Out

Monday is Kara's birthday so today we went out for a girls day out. It was Kara, me and Aunt Debbie. For Christmas, Debbie gave Kara a gift certificate to Borders. The nearest Borders is in Concord which is 45 minutes away so Debbie and Kara planned to go to Borders and out to lunch at the Olive Garden for Kara's birthday. I was invited along if I could get the time off work. If I couldn't they were still going.

We had a lovely lunch at the Olive Garden. Stuffed ourselves till we could barely walk. Well, not quite that bad but close. We then went to the Goodwill store to try and find a good pair of black pants for Kara for band concerts. At her last concert her pants were way beyond high water!!! She hates clothes shopping so didn't tell me before the concert. She is so hard to find pants for that we usually just end up going to Goodwill. We did find black pants for her and 2 pairs of tan pants.

After that we went to Borders where we all spent alot of time browsing and reading. I also had some Birthday money I'd been saving since January. I found these 2 books and splurged. I saw "Art Escapes" by Dory Kanter first and really liked what I saw. After I had decided to get it I saw, "Celebrate Your Creative Self" by Mary Todd Beam. I had seen this one on the Quilting Arts site but kept resisting it. Once I actually saw what was in it, I decided it to go ahead and get it. They both are on creativity and deal with painting but alot of the ideas are easy enough for me to try and it looks like alot of the activities I can translate some way into fabric. It's also something I can try when I need to take a short breather from quilting.

I also picked up the magazine "Artist's Sketchbook" and "Surface Design". I've heard about "Surface Design" on the Quilt Art list but never seen it before. Haven't even had a chance to look at it yet. I also found 2 books on Aspergers syndrome which my son has been diagnosed with.

After Borders, we stopped at the pet store to pick up shavings for our guinea pig, Bubbles. BIG mistake!!! They had a CUTE baby guinea. I gave the ok and Kara decided to use birthday money form Gary's parents to buy it. Bubbles needs company!!! Yeah, Right!!

To end the day, we had cake and presents at home.

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