Saturday, December 02, 2006

New Work

This is a new piece I'm working on. Nothing is sewn together. In this picture, I just grabbed the fabrics and layed them on top of each other. I think I will change the shape of the gold pot and use a different green and add leaves to the flowers. I may not put in the flowers at all since they sort of match the background shapes. Maybe I'll put in some tall leaves or sticks. I now have the background sewn together and can play with the actual pieces that I will fuse down. Here, I just quickly cut some pieces to see if I liked the idea that was in my head. These were all pieces from my scrap bag. I've been trying to be good and use up fabric that I have on hand. I have a huge garbage bag full of scraps and would like to see what I can make from my scraps.
I had a picture of another piece that is almost done but when I went to rotate the picture in my computer, it resized the picture and I couldn't get it back to the size I wanted. I gave up playing with it so I could at least post this one. I will have to take a new picture tomorrow and post it.

I hope I made sense tonight! I'm getting really tired and and having trouble thinking and typing!

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