Friday, December 01, 2006

New Quilting Arts Magazine Came

My new Quilting Arts Magazine came yesterday. I think it is one of the best issues yet. I was going to blog last night but got too caught up reading! Then I got inspired and had to get out my notebook and make some drawings and jot down some notes.
I'm still trying to make myself read Quilting Arts slowly so I can make it last. It always seems like a let down when I realize there is nothing new to read in it!! Here's a picture of Kara, Alex and Ginger. Ginger is 7 months old now. We've had her 3 months. She's become such a big part of our family that it seems like we've had her alot longer than 3 months. She has learned how to bark, although she is a very quiet dog and doesn't bark much. She won't bark when she has to go outside to pee so we have taught her to ring a bell that we have hung up at the door. It's nice to have a dog you don't have to keep on a leash all the time. We've actually been able to play fetch with her and she doesn't run off. We always had to keep Tufy on a leash. If he got loose, he would be gone!!

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Mary Emma Allen said...

Nice picture of K & A & Ginger. Of course, I'm prejudiced!