Monday, March 05, 2007

Projects On Hold

I haven't had time to work on this flower piece lately or the soy silk landscape.
On this piece, I did get the flowers and leaves fused down and machine stitched. I have started to add some hand embroidered flowers.
On the landscape, I added some cheesecloth and a tree. I don't have a picture of that yet.
Here is a close-up of the flowers.

Instead of working on these lately, I've had to work on a couple of projects that have deadlines coming up. One is a round robin book for my art quilt group. We decided to do a book for our round robin this year. each of us has to decide on a theme, size and format for our book. For this first meeting we have to have the page for our own book done. We decided to do either a folded type of book or a scroll type of book so that we would be able to display them at our next exhibit (where ever or when ever that will be). I'm not done with my page, so I don't have a picture yet. I decided to do a nature themed and my pages are 9"h x 6"w. I cut out pieces of peltex for everyone to use so that the pages will be stiff enough to stand up when I put it together. I'm doing the folded book but I'm not exactly sure how I will put it all together. I'll deal with that later.
I also have to get 5 postcards done by the 15 for the exchange I'm in.
This time of year I usually have more time to work on my projects since work is slow but this year my manager has been able to give me 40 hours a week. Shouldn't complain since I really do need the extra hours!
Bonnie McCaffery has a new VidCast on the New Zealand Quilt Symposium 2007. It is really good. I love seeing what quilters are doing in other countries and quilts from Australia and New Zealand always seem to catch my eye.

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Annica said...

It's beautiful! I love the colours!