Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Round Robin Page

This is the page I made for my round robin book. I decided to go with a nature theme. This is more abstract than anything that I've done before. For inspiration, I used the woods around our house. Our yard is surounded by woods and we don't have grass but there are areas that are greener. We also have old stumps that are rotting away where we cut down trees to make a clearing around the house. I used pieces of birch bark to represent these trees.
My daughter, Kara, found a huge piece of birch bark on the ground in the woods. I've used pieces of it in a couple of projects now.
Friday is our art quilt group. Can't wait to see what everyone else has done and what they have picked for their themes. I just need to find something to put this in so the pieces don't get lost in all the exchanges.

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Susan said...

That's an interesting page! Now will others make additional pages that go along with your theme, and then you'll put them all in a book?