Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Round Robin Book Page

Today I worked on my page for Marilyn's round robin book. Her theme is techniques. I took a piece of fabric that I had sponge painted with blue and then painted over with a green wash. Then I stamped on the checkerboards and on top of that I stamped on the leaves. I machine stitched the outline of the leaves and the veins.
Since I didn't have stencils or stamps of the shapes I wanted, I made my own stamps. For the checkerboards, I took foam shapes with sticky tape on the back and stuck them onto a styrofoam meat tray in the pattern I wanted. For the leaves, I cut the shape out of a styrofoam meat tray and made the lines for the veins with a pen.
These were fun new techniques to try. I would like to do more surface design on my fabrics.
I just need to learn to let go and not over think things too much. Have more fun and not worry about making mistakes or ruining a piece of cloth.
I didn't even think. I should have taken a picture of another piece I worked on today that started with a monoprint of some leaves. The monoprint was fun to do. I need (or should I say want) to play around with more monoprinting.
One could get caught up in Painting, dyeing and playing with making your own fabric that you don't get anything made from it!!


Nancilyn said...

I think your result is wonderful. I look forward to trying this technique.

MJ said...

I like the way the leaves turned out! Great idea to use styrofoam! Almost makes me want to try fabric painting but then I'd never get any projects done! I like your postcards too! Keep posting!!