Friday, June 01, 2007

Where did my days off go?

My 2 days of have just flown by! I didn't get to alot of the stuff I had planned. Part of it was that Gary had today and most of yesterday off of work so we ended up doing what he had planned. Add to that the kids, housework, etc. and my plans were put on the back burner.

I did get to work on my journal quilt a little bit but then had another block on it.
I did work on a page for my "Nature" round robin book. The one that I made to start with, will be the cover but I also want to make an actual page. I decided to try printing on fabric for this page. I printed out this picture that I took the other day. I had it all cropped and set to be printed at 6"x9" and in my haste printed it out full size. It's fine width wise but 1/2" short in the length. Since I only prepared one piece of fabric with the Bubble Jet Set, I'm now thinking of ways to add some green fabric to the length. I don't want to waste the piece I printed!

Our side yard is full of lady slippers this year. More than we ever have had. I counted between 60 and 70 of them the other day. This year we don't have so many of them in the woods around our house, just in the yard.
These 2 really caught my eye. They are such a deep pink.
I can't believe how well these pictures came out since I wasn't using a tri-pod.
Hopefully, I will have more quilty things to show you next time I post.


Mary Emma Allen said...

Some really nice photos with good composition, Beth. Great inspiration for art projects.

annetteb said...

I love the photo of the butterfly. Annette