Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Nuthatches

This spring we have been watching mama and papa nuthatch. This bird house is right off of our deck so you can sit on the deck and watch mama and papa come and go with food for the babies.
Don't have any quilty stuff to show.
Alex and Gary's birthday was Thursday, so yesterday Alex had a party. Luckily he only wanted 2 boys over.
The kids only have 1 week left of school and Kara is getting ready to leave for England on the 20th. Three teachers are taking a group of high school kids over. They do this every 2 years. I really wish I could go too. I spent 11 weeks in England in college(1986) and loved it. I would like to visit again, especially with Kara. Oh, well, I'll get back someday and Kara needs to do things without us all the time. It would be interesting how differently, I would look at things now. I wasn't into art quilting back then. I think the pictures I would take would have a completely different focus now.

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