Sunday, August 12, 2007

Back from Cape Cod

I don't have any quilt pictures but I have some pictures from Cape Cod. This is my favorite picture. I think I will eventually use it for a landscape.
I took these pictures after playing on the beach at low tide. It was a very fun day.

I though the marks the water made in the sand was neat. Reminds me of a tree or maybe roots.
This was taken after the tide went out. It's hard to show but there was water still running through this and it looked cool.
The next two pictures show the ripples that the water made in the sand as the tide went out.


Waltraud said...

So beautiful pictures!

Joanna said...

Oh yes, really nice photos. I see why you want to do a quilt from the fence pic. And I also am impressed with the sand/ripples one.