Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Mixed Media Quilt

I was inspired by the "Go Green" article and challenge in the newest Quilting Arts Magazine and made this 5"x5" quiltlet. I call it Remnants of the Past. I made paper fabric from old patterns for the background. I colored it with some paint and when it was dry, I went over it with my ink pads in brown and tans to highlight some areas. I added old lace that had been cut off of some piece of clothing. This I also highlighted with the ink pads. The old buttons are from my button box. I added some cross stitches to hold the lace down on the button side but you can't see then very well in this picture. I used a piece of old linen from a stained and torn dresser scarf for the back. The binding is an old paper tape measure. The tape measure was folded in half down the length and sewn together. I was able to take the stitching out and open it up and use it for the binding.
I even have a square frame that I picked up a long time ago at a yard sale or second hand shop that would work perfectly with it. I'm always keeping my eyes open for frames at second hand shops or yardsales. I have found some really neat ones this way.


Mary Emma Allen said...

Very nice, Beth. And I like the name.

StegArt said...

This is great. Love how you did the binding.