Monday, February 18, 2008

Old and New

The kids had another snow day from school!! They are never going to get out for the summer the way things are going! Alex doesn't care but Kara is really getting frustrated. It was so icy last night that Gary couldn't make it home from work. He made it part way and ended up having to stay with some people we know. There were lots of accidents and I93 was closed. Glad I didn't have to go into work today!!!

I already showed this postcard in an earlier post but I really like it and decided I would finish it up and send it to Susan Lenz for the Cyber Fyber swap. She really has put alot of work into this swap and exhibit!!
This is my piece that I made from Anita's picture for our round robin. I had a lot of trouble figuring what I wanted to do for it. I finally decided to to do a sillouette (spelling?) of the mountain against a night sky. This picture came out lighter than the actual quilt. For the mountain, I fused stips of blue fabric to some muslin and then put black tulle over it. I made wrinkles in the tulle to make it look like shadows on the mountain. Once I had the mountain sewn onto the background, I added gold beads for stars. You can see a few of them on here.
I'm working on my quilt from Marilyn's picture. I used Shiva Paint Sticks to make the ridges for the shutters. I couldn't remember how long it had to sit before I could iron it so I let it sit 48 hours. I now have to figure out how I'm going to put this together.
Tomme Fent is doing the Grab Bag Challenge again this year. I'm really excited about it. I had a blast doing it the last time. Each person puts together a grab bag of fabrics and beads, yarns, found objects, etc. This must fit into one of the cardboard Priority Mail envelopes. We send this to Tomme and she swaps them out. We then have a couple of months to make a quilt using someone elses grab bag. You can add from your own things. Once the quilt is done, you send it back to Tomme and she sends it back to the owner of the grab bag. I've already sent my grab bag off to Tomme. Can't show a picture of it though since we don't know who's grab back we get and we don't know who has our grab bag until the quilts are done.


Meg in Albuquerque said...

I love your night mountain, it turned out so well.

katelnorth said...

great postcard - that cyber fyber is going to be a fascinating exhibit, isn't it.

Cyber Fyber said...

Hi Beth!
Yesterday and today I've spent organizing the CYBER FYBER trades and creating labels...which requires "copying and pasting" blog addresses...which allows me to peek in on several blogs. I've really enjoyed reading your recent the dying and the interpretations of images in fabric...and send with this message my sincere thanks that you've blogged about CYBER FYBER! Thanks so very, very much!
PS The card is stunning!