Saturday, February 09, 2008

Cyber Fiber and Round Robin Quilt

My card from Susan Lenz for the Cyber Fyber swap and exhibition came today. I really like it!! Now to finish up mine to send to her!

This is my quilt I made from my photo for our quilt group project. It's a little dark since I forgot to take a picture during the day!! You can see the actual picture I used here
I will be posting more photos from our meeting soon. I forgot my camera so Lynn Elkinton took them and e-mailed them to me. There are so many creative ideas and quilts coming from this. It's really interesting to see all the different ways the photos are interpreted.

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Cyber Fyber said...

Hi Beth!
Thanks so much for letting me know that the postcard arrived safely. Everyday is like Christmas around here. My husband Steve tries to beat me to the door when the mailman arrives! Thanks so much for being part of CYBER FYBER and especially about spreading the word!